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Hot Ice Lab

Recently in chemistry we were given the opportunity to split into groups, and go off and do our own experiments. My group decided we wanted to try and create hot ice. It’s a relatively simple lab to run. All you need is some water, sodium acetate, a fridge, and something to warm the water. You begin warming the water and adding sodium acetate to it. Stir the mixture, making sure every last bit is dissolved. KEEP ADDING sodium acetate until the water will no longer dissolve anymore. Heat the solution to near boiling temperature. Pour the solution through a filter, so there is no extra undissolved materials or this will not work.Then put it in the fridge, letting it cool for a bit. Now after a bit of cooling you have a solution to make statues and what not with.

This works because the solution is super saturated. It is able to go from near boiling and be super cooled to well below melting point without crystalizing, until it is given a base to crystalize on. The second the solution touches something, such as the oil from your finger, anything on the counter, or anything else, it begins to crystalize on the object. The substance looks like ice, but is actually just solid sodium acetate. The reaction is exothermic and thus gives of heat, giving it the name,”Hot Ice.”



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